Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Azuma Kushiyaki

Ground Floor Regent Place Shopping
501 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
T: (02) 9267 7775
F: (02) 9267 7776

After seeing a post from Katherine here, & a few weeks later a dinner date with Ann, i decided to come here to try out some Jap food (and was also looking forward to having the quail eggs yum).

The last time i walked past with friends, looking for dinner, they were booked out (we ended up going to some dodgy dumpling place in Chinatown) so i made sure i booked well in advance for tonight.

rock style chopstick holders

Yaki Nasu $7

We both wanted just a light dinner due to:

a) low on $$
b) we were sort of on a diet
c) we had a sugar hit at 9pm :P

So i was questioning part b) if we were going to part c) :s I had never been to a sugarhit before but seeing a lot of foodies were going, i thought i'd go see what all the fuss was about (post on the sugar hit coming up shortly)

The eggplant came out sort of cold, served in a bowl of light sauce, topped with bonito flakes & a splodge of grated ginger.

Quail eggs with Kushiyaki sauce $3 (per skewer)

Quails eggs was what i was after, so i ordered 2 skewers (so i can have one all to myself!). They were colored & flavored in sauce, and didn't last very long on the plate hehe. I LOVE these little critters, and remember once i went to a 'hot pot buffet', and ate (no joke) more then 40 eggs Lols.

Green tea soba (served cold) $15

We both shared the soba noodles as well.

Above:before sharing. Below:after sharing.

The noodles were cold, and perfectly cooked. Something i should think about buying for home, as a quick and light dinner/lunch.

We didn't order any drinks, and the bill came to a measly $28 (woohoo). When the bill came, the waiter also came to inform us that there was a minimum dining charge of $35, but they would leave it be for this time.

I was thinking "are you for real?" this is the first time I've encountered anything of this sort. I think it's silly to put a minimum dining amount ..... what do you think?


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I think I spotted the minimum spend clause somewhere towards the bottom of the (massive sheet of a) menu in small-ish print. I have encountered it elsewhere, but it is probably a good policy to advise patrons when they make their booking.

Trissa said...

40 quail eggs? Wow - that's a lot... you must be addicted to them. On another note - I think if they are going to have a minimum charge they should tell you beforehand!

chocolatesuze said...

40?!?! uh thats pretty impressive hehe