Monday, November 9, 2009

Blue Mountains Chocolate

176 Lurline Street
Katoomba, Blue Mountains
Ph: 02 4782 7071

While visiting Katoomba, we had seen this chocolate house - and just had to go in :)

We had just finished our Three Sister's walk, and weren't starved, but could do with a small snack, so we chose the brownies, and a few pieces of chocolates.

The brownie was dense, and cold from refridgeration, but slightly on the dry side. Richard liked it, but i'm more a fan of the fudgier type brownies.

I ate the first chocolate in one go, then after seeing the disappointment in Richard's face that i didn't go halves with him, i shared the other three with him haha :P

I don't remember the flavours that we had but they were all hand made. The shop has over 60 different hand made chocolates on offer. On top of that they have chocolate covered toffee and nuts, & fluffy nougat.

So here are pictures for a mini tour of the shop, enjoy!

different chocolate goodies

pick n mix!

i wanted to buy this but was scared it would break on the ride back to Syd

various chocolate moulds (vintage i think!)

assorted chocolates jams & oils

chocolate gift box sets

I left the shop with these two goodies in my bag. Chocolate buttons (milk & dark chocolate). Hoping to make some yummy biscuits with these :)


Tom said...

mmmmm. nom nom nom

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I SO shouldn't have look at all of that chocolate before dinner! It's ok to have chocolate for dinner tonight right? :)

Von said...

So many photos! It's been ages since I've been to the Blue Mountains- I didn't know there was a chocolate shop! I love looking at handmade chocolates- they're so pretty :)
I've never actually had one though...

Anonymous said...

I love fudgy brownie too. Love all the chocolate. So tempting.

Anita said...

i love this place! this was where i had my first bite of a lemon lime and tart. yummy! it's a cute and crowded house

Joy said...

What an interesting chocolate store, I especially enjoyed the vintage molds they had! I am such a fan of dark chocolate, MMmmmm thanks for sharing your adventure!

Trisha said...

I wasn't too pleased with this shop - I actually liked Josophan's better! But those chocolate moulds... hmmm that got me thinking!

Ladybird said...

Mmmmm... chocolate...

Great pics, and great blog!

Ladybird x

Betty said...

thank you Dearest!
I see you're new to blogging - i dont see any posts at ladybird? hehe

Trissa said...

I've been here! I recall the place based on your pictures. I remember there was also a good coffee/hot chocolate place around... lovely pics!

birdutmasali said...

chocolatae !!!!
wanderfulll extraordinary :)

birdutmasali said...

for me very different !!