Monday, November 9, 2009

Golden King 2000

Shop 13 172 Greenvalley Rd
Green Valley
New South Wales, 2168
Phone: (02) 9826 7500

After a whole day in the Blue Mountains, (and a not so filling lunch at Bygone Beautys), on the drive home we were thinking what to have for dinner. I really had trouble thinking of something local, took us ages to finally decide to eat here. I've been here once a long time ago, and have had take away as well.

The shopfront is shared by a newsagency, and i think a hairdresser as well. And behind, you can find an indian mart and a few other small shops that i can't remember.

Being seated straight away we were waitered by a bubbly middle aged Chinese woman, assuming that we spoke fluent Chinese, but then seeing our confused faces (Richard is Chinese, but doesn't speak it very well) she changed to the English language.

She was very chirpy and cheery, making jokes about things, and happily taking our order, and accommodating to my request for some nuts (they didn't charge for a small plate of cashew nuts yippee)

Sliced chinese mushroom with egg noodles $11

Shanghai Noodles with XO Sauce $10.50

I found both dishes were lacking flavour, i've had better noodles in Cabramatta before, and at this point, regret not going to Cabramatta for dinner. Richard, however, enjoyed both noodles (he isn't very hard to please hehe).

The big chunks of shallots were a bit overwhelming on the palate, but Richard enjoyed eating my bits :)

Dinner was cheap, but probably could've been cheaper in Cabramatta :P

I think this restaurant caters more for the non asian community, as there were a lot of different nationalities of people dining at the time we were there. They did a great job on service i was really happy with that, next time perhaps, i might ask for a side order of soy sauce to add some more flavour.


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Ahhh what a shame about the food! hehe at extra soy (or maybe salt and chilli!)

Tom said...

hehe... for the best asian food, you need to go somewhere where they don't speak english and the place is filled by locals.

Thankfully, I've got a wonderful tour guide and translator :-)

Adrian @ Food Rehab said...

It's shame about the food when the service is great. Although, at least the service wasn't bad as well!

Everytime I have a bad meal, I always tend to get maccas LOL

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Shame about the food but points for the friendly service. I probably would've asked for a side of XO sauce! =p

Trissa said...

I have to say Betty - you are spoilt for choice in cabramatta in terms of quality and prices!

Anonymous said...

lol at more soy! I always stick to the chinese restaurants that I like. Not many out there though.

Anita said...

Pity about the flavour :( Sounds like you're normally spoilt for choice :)

A cupcake or two said...

When it comes to Asian restaurants its a real hit and miss. Extra soy. Ehehehehe. I would have done exactly the same thing.

joey@FoodiePop said...

It's probably too much to expect great quality food that far out of town, especially Chinese! :-)

Sandra said...

Now I got hungry!

Anonymous said...

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Crystal said...

Hi, I love food and is always reading all the food blogs out there. It's such an interesting feeling to know that you've been to my aunty's restaurant and that they have good service ! (I agree about your opinion on their food!)

Betty said...

hey Crystal thanks for dropping by :)

i've had other foods from this restaurant (back when i was still eating meat) and i remember the sweet & sour fish was really nice (not lacking flavour there) so its just the dishes that i ordered (being vegetarian n all) but its a restuarant that can get really busy sometimes so they are doing a good job hehe