Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hilton Hotel Sydney - Glass Brasserie

Level 2, 488 George Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9265 6068

Ann was nice enough to get me to come to a sugar hit with her, and she chose the Hilton's Glass Brasserie for us. Our booking was at 9, and we had finished dinner at 7.30.. so we were sitting in the hotel lobby for a good thirty minutes (after a quick stroll up & down George st to walk of dinner). At ten to nine we thought, meh - lets just head up.

We were seated in a corner booth (yay for both of us getting booth seats), and were asked if we wanted tea or coffee. We both went for tea, i chose the chamomile & Ann chose green tea. Both came with a tiny shortbread cookie.

I really liked the simple tea pot, cup & saucer, makes for pretty pictures hehe. Not long after we got our tea's, we got our sugar hit plates.

item #1

This is the order i had them in! The first, a marshmallow (which had been blowtorched) with a shot glass of raspberry chocolate fondue. Heavily dipping my marshmallow into the slightly bitter (but oh-so-good) fondue, i had left over to scoop up with my now empty paddle-pop-sort-of stick. Really, these portions are way too small, i wish i ordered two hehe.

item #2

Second, was a ball of early grey ice cream rolled into a cookies & cream biscuit, served on a white chocolate pandan parfait. This came last on my yummy list, the flavours didn't mix well for me, but i did adore the pandan flavour in the parfait.

item #3

This, was heaven in each spoon that went into my mouth. I've never had anything sooo melt in your mouth, warm gooey goodness. I savoured each spoon, for as long as i could, and wished that i could do a tim tam ad on it - a never ending cup of chocolate fondant. I definitely want to try & make this at home (i have ramekins yippee!)

This was my first & unfortunately my last sugar hit (possibly only for 2009). It scares me who many calories i'm paying $20 for, ever since i started my food blog the number on the scales has just slowly risen, just like the exchange rates lately.

Ann however, went to a few others: Shang gri La, Swissotel, & Azuma Kushiyaki. However much i am jealous, i'm glad i didn't cave in, and smile at all the calories i saved myself *sigh*


Trissa said...

I never went to any sugar hit but reading these posts make me feel like I was there - actually, make me WISH I was there - especially the pandan flavoured parfait with white chocolate. Yum

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

This was very popular and was booked out for the month from mid-October onwards. I really wanted to try it... Lucky there are people like you who brave the calories to tell us about it =)

joey@FoodiePop said...

Glad you enjoyed Glass' tasty sweets! Love their chocolate fondant too, so warm and gooey! There is quite a good one at Azuma Patisserie nearby as well. :-) Haven't had their Earl Grey tea ice cream ball rolled in cookies and cream crumbs though, and I really am dying to! Alas, it's not on the normal menu I don't recall.