Saturday, November 28, 2009

SWEETNESS The Patisserie

When i stumbled across
this & this, i HAD to set a date to visit this little gem. Tucked away on the quieter side of Epping station (i assume this only because the roads are quieter), i get the feeling that not many people know about this place? That, or i'm just late in finding out about it hehe. Also i found out recently that Jaa did work experience here!

i see..
gingerbread ladies, tarts, macarons,
brownies, slices, muffins & rockyroad

The front window display lures you into the shop, enticing you with a range of goodies available for purchase. The front of the shop is somewhat small, i had to make sure my back pack was not bumping into anything (or anyone). But behind the counter it is open for all to see - the work benches, ovens, and workers doing their thing.

Even though the shop was in the shade, the pastel colours within made the shop sort of shine a nice light, so welcoming, and the staff were really friendly, helping us with questions like "what flavour is this? & this one? what about this one?" lol @ the array of different marshmallows that were on display.

They didn't have a place for us to sit inside, so we took our goodies across the road to Nero.

chocolate, coconut, peppermint, mango, passionfruit, raspberry

My favourite would have to be the coconut. & the chocolate. & the passionfruit. Heck, they were all yummy! Before this day, the only marshmallow i've ever had, was the allen's marshmallows. But these, are a different breed for sure. So soft, and flavorsome, colourful these morsels are to be shared around with friends- i feel like throwing a marshmallow party now hehe.

poor gingerbread man, what did he ever do to you Ann?

Some more marshmallow porn...

I hardly ever make my way over to Epping, so this will probably be my first (and last) trip for a while. Until i'm tempted again for some pillowy goodness...


Belle@Ooh, Look said...

Gosh, those marshmallows look wonderful, like soft, sweet, delicious pillows. I think they are sometimes at markets around town, so will have to keep an eye out for them.

Stephcookie said...

LOL I go here all the time because it's right near my place :) Aren't the marshmallows lovely?

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

finally u did go there ! so miss the place. You took the pictures same spots as mine but only urs one are a lot better..haha

missklicious said...

The marshmallows look so good!

FriedWontons4u said...

Those marshmallows are lovely! I love small pastry places like these. They are great places to visit because their menus are always changing.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha marshmallow porn! that was cute.
love the layout of the place.
looks cosy and beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

hahahaha marshmallow porn! that was cute.
love the layout of the place.
looks cosy and beautiful :)

Natalie Leung said...

you take awesome pictures!!

Justesen said...

Marshmallow porn (whatever it is) both sounds nice and looks delicious... But how does it taste?

joey@FoodiePop said...

Thanks so much for reminding me of this place Betty! I had meant to get some of those amazing marshmallows for someone's birthday but I forgot, so now I can give it to him for Christmas instead! LOL

Great pics too!