Monday, November 9, 2009

Birds Eye Vegetable Fingers

Before i stopped eating meat - i used to LOVE eating oven baked goodies like fish fingers, chicken nuggets, potato gems, potato chips, all those sorts of things. I remember back in high school, i would come home at 3 and put all these things under the grill and keep an eye on them, my two younger sisters would wait eagerly with their plate of tomato and BBQ sauce, waiting to dig in.

I miss fish fingers & chicken nuggets, so when i saw these at Coles supermarket - i had to buy them to try, hoping they would be like the real deal fish fingers i used to eat (alot) hehe.

One thursday night, i chucked a whole box of these under the grill, along with two handfuls of potato gems. Richard & I, armed with mayonnaise and ketchup, excitedly waiting for them to turn golden brown so we can eat (and watch UnderBelly heehee).

They look like fish fingers, with their bread crummy outsides, and inside, hot vegie mush consisting of peas carrots & potato. I much prefer these, as there was no fishy smell or taste. Oven baked (instead of frying) means there is less calories, and they didn't take too long at all. Only about 15 minutes under the grill (turning them over at half time).

These were great i just LOVE anything rolled in breadcrumbs and then grilled/fried. I wish junk food didn't have the high calorie price tag attached to them, i wish healthy food could taste as good as things like this.


missklicious said...

These look good! Will have to try them. And how I miss potato gems - cravings!!!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

This is very funny. I saw a girl walking down the supermarket aisle the other day staring at the nutritional info on the back of these. I noticed her as she almost walked into me and I was wondering what she was looking at so intently!

It wasn't you :P

Joy said...

This is so funny, I totally did the same thing! My mother would work all the time so she'd always have frozen food for me to make at home. Curly fries were my favorite and I'd always have a gigantic plate of ketchup and i'd sprinkle it with black pepper and then keep checking to see if they're done because I'm so impatient... haha Loved this post, thank you for sharing :)

The Cooking Photographer said...

Betty I have to buy these!!!

Ugh. I bet my little town doesn't have them, but I'm going to check the Co-Op.


missklicious said...

I can't find these anywhere! I did however, satisfy my potato gem craving. Twice last week.

joey@FoodiePop said...

Have you ever tried the chickpea chips at Bentley's? They are fabtastic! Crunchy on the outside and so light and fluffy inside, so yum!

Betty said...

yes i have and yes they are amazing i could just go there and order 2 servings and be quite happy with that :)