Friday, October 16, 2009

Indulge your senses Pure Chai

So, bettysbites was sent a *first* product for reviewing from Rachel of Polarity Consultants. I was really excited to see an email in my inbox with "Product review request - Indulge Your Senses Pure Chai" & eagerly read on, replied, & shortly after - received a package in the post!

I'm a huge lover of chai, i don't drink coffee so chai is the next best hot drink for me.

Now i straight away made some for my boss & my workmates & ofcourse myself. I had received two canisters one of chocolate chai and the other vanilla and honey chai.

The results? Naveed loved it, and asked where he could buy some. Rahul, asked if he could start a food blog - would be get offered product reviews too? Hehe. & my boss, said it was to sweet for him (i should of thought twice before offering, as he only takes half a teaspoon of sugar in his coffee (and this drink requires atleast 2 teaspoons of powder to be stirred through)

I made two cups for myself (so naughty i know) and i preferred the vanilla honey over the chocolate, only because i felt like i was drinking chai more with the honey & vanilla flavouring, and the drink being a lighter colour.

When made with skim milk, these drinks are 99% free - no guilt included! Yet the flavours are so intense, something i won't feel guilty about indulging in every morning tea time.

Now, onto the icecream.. I was browsing blogs & came across Shez's 3 ingredient-no icecream maker needed- icecream, where she too had also been offered the same products.

I had always thought that icecream took a long time to make, and quicker with an icecream machine. So after reading her post, i most definitely had to try it out, All i needed to do was stop by the shops after work and buy a tub of thickened cream..

all you need is:

600ml thickened cream
1 can (375ml) condensed milk
2-3 heaped tablespoons of chai powder (i used chocolate)

Put all the ingredients into a bowl, and beat until the mixture doubles in size. Pack into containers & freeze for atleast 4 hours before eating. This process can be quickened by stirring through at half time to even out the cold icecream.

I have one container especially marked for my best friend Ann - she's gonna love it!

Shez used 2 tablespoons, but i reeally love the flavour of chai, and i think the colours in mine turned out abit more darker aswell.

Richard was the first to try the icecream (after me hehe) and he said the icecream was premium tasting - better then anything he's ever tried. Now i'm not sure if he's just over complimenting, but it was pretty good :) & i loved the fact that i could just whip it up in the morning quickly, and it was ready when i got home from work!


shez said...

Oh! I'm so glad the recipe worked out well for you :) My family aren't big fans of chai so the smaller amount of powder worked really well - they couldn't tell what flavour it was (which is a good thing, because it's getting eaten up happily!)

Trissa said...

Hi Betty! The ice cream looks really good. I can't believe it was that easy to make. I would love to have this after a very spicy meal!

Trissa said...

Hi Betty! The ice cream looks really good. I can't believe it was that easy to make. I would love to have this after a very spicy meal!

Anonymous said...

love the chai ice cream. Swoon.......

Belle@Ooh, Look said...

This looks so good! I'm glad you tried it and had success, that means that the odds of it succeeding for me are growing!