Friday, October 16, 2009

Chicken cashew & celery salad

My good friends Sambath & Julie had organised a trip to Canberra, to see the Floriade, visit Cockington Green, and a picnic inbetween, so naturally i offered to bring lunch! :) & also a desert, which were these from Belle's site.

I have made this before, back in my meat eating days - copied it off Richard's friend (but he made his own mayo, which i think is alot nicer aswell)

It's so simple and quick to put together, eaten by spreading the mixture onto sliced bread (or rolls, whichever you prefer). You can add as little or as much mayonnaise as you like, same with the cashews & chicken, nut ultimately you're just mixing everything through - easy!


chicken (whole, grilled, roasted, anything) i just bought a whole chicken from oporto's for $10.98
one whole celery (cut off leaves, keep stalks)
cashew nuts (crushed in a ziplock bag with a rolling pin) although i kept mine whole cos i like it like that
mayonnaise (i used best foods whole egg mayonnaise, from woolworths, because its creamier and less tangy)

So you pretty much just chop up the chicken, celery, stir through the mayonnaise, and lastly the crushed cashews.

Keep refrigerated & when you take it out to a picnic (if you choose to do so) then keep it in an esky!

I'm so glad everyone enjoyed lunch (& the cupcakes too)! Here is one of the photo's i took at FLoriade ( i took so many, i'd kill your bandwidth if i posted them all up hehe)

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