Monday, October 19, 2009

Guylian - The Rocks

91 George Street
The Rocks
Sydney NSW 2000

After dinner one night, we were after a place for desert, and the closest walkings distance cafe from Pony - was Guylian.

I've visited Guylian before, but it doesnt compare to Max Brennars or Lindt. It was just the four of us so we shared two cakes, & coffees/hot chocolates.

I'm not too sure what this was, but it was a special (not on the standard menu list. I thought it was the 100% pure pleasure, but after asking Lorraine she told me it definitely wasn't! I wish i had taken a photo of the specials page >_<.

The presentation was like a piece of art though - it always makes things taste nicer if they are presented nicely :)

We had a little surprise in the middle, i think it was some purple berry.. hard jelly or jam. The color was very deep purple, and was colouring the surrounding cake as well.

Guylian Tiramisu $14

Sponge lady finger, expresso syrup & mascarpone sabayon. Again i love how this dish was laid out, the red love hearts in the orange circles - so cute! The expresso syrup was strong, but nothing beats home made tiramisu (where you can overload on the liqueur heehee)

I think the cakes here are nicely presented, and the names of a few of them really shout out to you (like 100% pure pleasure, sounds like you'll be eating something so orgasmic!).


MaryMoh said...

I'm drooling looking at these pictures....looks soooo delicious. Very beautiful presentation.

Betty said...

thanks Mary :) Have you been to guylian/lindt/maxbrennars/san churros? Whats your fav?

clekitty said...

I feel cheated. Really cheated! I've never been to Lindt or Max Brenners!! Never tried the cakes here at Guylian I do like their chocolate cold drinks though :)