Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cafe Sweethearts

263 Coventry Street
South Melbourne VIC 3205
ph: 03 9690 6752

So, my first time to Melbourne VIC and i have Miss Huynh as my tourguide. She is a Melbournian living in Sydney, & we've been best friends since we met at the local gym!

I've been so excited and anticipating this trip ever since she booked flights (about 2 mths earlier). Another state, new restaurants, new culture, i've only ever been to QLD 2 yrs ago and back then i wasn't a blogger..

Ann has been raving on about this cafe for quite some time now, saying that i will LOVE it, and she was right.

The streets were quiet but alot of people were walking around, sitting down to a coffee & newspaper, and the cafe was particularly buzzing with patrons once we stepped in.

You can't tell from here, but there were a lot of people, just not in the front room. Over to the right there is another room of tables, the cashier table, and behind that the kitchen. We got a seat right at the front, looking out to the street, & the warm sun on us.

I ordered a grapefruit juice, and Ann an apple juice. Both were refreshing, but definitely not freshly squeezed.

polaroid Love :)

Eggs Romano
poached eggs on toasted english muffins with spinach,
hollandaise sauce, tomato concasse & fresh basil

Ann also got mushrooms instead of spinach, i guess to fill up on protein as she was eating vegetarian like me! I had a try, and the tomato sauce was very zing like- flavoury sensation like i was eating.. mexican?? It was so fresh, teamed with hollandaise sauce it was yummy.

Eggs Mediterranean
poached eggs on grilled herbed polenta with
sauted spinach, roasted red capsicum & herb pesto

I ordered a hashbrown on the side as well. & it's the round ball thing on the left- how embarassing when i got my plate & asked 'wait, where's my hashbrown?' & Ann pointed out 'that is a hashbrown'. haha :)

I've never had baked polenta before. I wanted to try something different, other than english muffin, & i don't regret it at all. The capsicum was really sweet, and still warm from the grill. I also ordered extra hollandaise sauce because Ann said it was the best.. & it was really thick with a smooth consistency, very creamy, and very bad for me! hehe.

The eggs were poached to perfection (thumbs up there), & now onto the hashbrown.. it's similar to a KFC Mashy, but gourmet style! Mashed potato mixed with some spices and spring onion, with a crispy outside layer. I've never had a hashbrown like this before, it makes me no longer want to eat the McDonald's style ones..

The pesto topped off the meal quite well, and although it doesnt look big, the meal was extremely filling (must be all the extra sides hehe)

Because i don't go to Melbourne much, i might not come back here for a while. If i ever came back to Melbourne though, i would love to try other places! But for anyone who is a Melbourne local, or to anyone that will be in South Melbourne - this is one place you have to try.

The service was quick, staff were very friendly, situated on a side street (not on the main road) & i just love the signage!


annies102 said...

LOL I ordered the mushrooms instead of spinach, the only extra side I got was the hashbrown.

Vegetarian breakkies are yummy!

Heheheh must've converted you to Melbourne...soon you'll want to move down there ;)

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Interesting hash brown! Was it crumbed or was the mash fried as is? (Sorry, can't quite tell from the photo...) It's almost like a potato croquette.

Tom said...

yum! jealous i didn't come! hehe, i was stuck with congee instead.

Grace said...

heh I love your bubble-warp shots!

and ooh lala everything in their mediterranean meal sounds delicious~

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Nice pics Betty! :) The breakfast looks pretty nice. You're not tempted to relocate to Melbourne are you? :P

Betty said...

thanks Grace! I love my fish eye it gets so much into a picture, and its way too cute hehe

Richard said...

mmmmmm that brekkie looks good babe :)