Thursday, October 15, 2009

Holy Basil

233A Canley Vale Road
Canley Heights NSW 2166

So Thai food, is a favourite of mine at the moment (and has been for the last4-5 mths!) I really can't get enough of it. So when i was told there was a new thai place opening up in Canley, i organised a get together..

The restaurant can seat quite a few number of people, and it also has outside seating (but i think only in the daytime, there were not enough lights for dining outside at night yet). Decorated with statues, plants & lanterns, i love the ambience it creates, walking through the doors you can hear the clanging of pots and things from the open kitchen in the back.

Bich had booked a table for us, (just incase it was busy & we didn't have to wait).

Menu's were handed out, and an extensive one at that. A huge A3 page, double sided, so much to choose from no wonder the waiter was coming back about 3 times before we were ready to order hehe.

We were told that there was no drinks menu, so when asked - the waitress just listed what they had. I went with an avocado & durian shake (my fav drink at the moment). Thanh requested a watermelon drink, but moments later they said there was no more..

avocado & durian Shake

Seriously this is the best avocado durian shake i've ever had! It was lusciously thick, with a very strong flavour of durian (which means they weren't stingy on the durian (like most other places are). Served in a round wine glass, with a thick straw -it was a meal in itself i struggled to finish this hehe.

vegetarian curry puffs (2 pieces) $3.90
savoury vegetable triangles potatoes, peas, carrots, corn & onion
fried until crispy golden brown & served with sweet sour dipping sauce

The curry puff pastry was nice & crisp, with a fair amount of filling in it. I ALWAYS order curry puffs when i eat out at thai, mianly because they are the only vegetarian options available! But this place has the meat version as well (for the ame price i think)

goong hom pha (prawns in a blanket) $3.90

larb ped (spicy duck mince salad) $14.90

This is a laos/thai classic, combining duck's brerast mince, spanish onions, coriander, shallots, fresh chilli & mint leaves dressed in lime juice.

ox tongue $8.90

Marinated grilled ox tongue, thinly sliced & served with dipping sauce.

duck gang dang (red curry)

Made with a red spicy base of red chilli paste, sweet basil, kaffir lime leaves, & garlic infused in coconut milk served with seasonal vegetables eggplant, green beans, zucchini & pumpkin.

Pad thai (vegies + tofu) $9.90
optional egg $1.50

With the option of having a fried egg on top - i snapped up this straight away! Fried sunny side up is my FAVOURITE way to have eggs, and i asked if the yolk can be runny :)

The pad thai had alot of fresh bean sprouts, and the noodles were perfectly cooked (some places have the noodles over cooked and it goes all mushy). Flavour was awesome, its hard to find a place that serves their pad thai right, and this would be the 2nd best pad thai i've ever had (the first being a restaurant in Newtown back in my nonblogging days)

chicken pad thai $10.90

After eating, staff came out to say that there was actually watermelon, and we could order it if we wanted to. We all shook our heads.. we were all full and pretty much finished for the night, until he mentioned 'on the house' haha :) So we all got cmplimentary glasses of their watermelon shake (which i think had lychee in it aswell). I didnt try any because i'm allergic (yes i'm allergic to watermelon fruit!) but everyone said it was beautiful & refreshing.

complimentary watermelon drinks

The owner had come to ask us how everything was, and also mentioned they are going to open up the outdoor area soon as well, and try to turn it into a cafe style place on weekends, somewhere people can come to read the paper, have a drink, in a relaxing atmosphere.

I'd say this place has the nicest decor, and biggest drinks bar avail (and offering special drinks that no other places have).

We really enjoyed dining here, and when i got home i straight away joined the facebook group for 'Holy Basil'!

This is definitely now my favourite Thai restaurant out west, and will be coming back again soon enough.


missklicious said...

This new restaurant looks so nice! I haven't been to Canley for ages, but I loved the array of cheap eats on Canley Vale rd, nice to see there's a bit more variety now!

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I agree, the decor does look nice. Interested in the ox tongue - never had that at a Thai place before.

Miss Dissent said...

That looks great, especially the Avocado and Durian shake. I have never had one before.

Betty said...

oh you should defo try one- its SOOO GOOD!

Trissa said...

Holy Basil sounds like a wonderful place Betty! But still waiting for your Melbourne update! haha

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

the atmosphere looks nice.. I like the way the owner came out to talk..

anyway, we have never had avocado & durian Shake in thailand...hahaha

Trisha said...

Hmmmm the shakes look so good! And of course my all time favourite pad thai heehee! And I love Canley Vale - it's a melting pot of different cultures and cuisines!!

Anita said...

Now you have me craving Thai food :P ehehhe.... I have never seen an avocado drink... hmmm... I think I may be a bit too scared to try it...

Christie @ Fig&Cherry said...

Looks like a great place. Interesting how they served it with a fried egg on top, I haven't seen that in a Thai place before.

I'm curious about your best Pad Thai. Is it Newtown Thai? Doytao? Pothong? It must be one of those... :)

Gera @ SweetsFoods said...

It seems a lovely place to enjoy.
I'm drooling with the Pad thai but also I'd like to experience the avocado & durian shake, no idea how it can taste!! :D



Richard said...

I reckon the guy made an awesome watermelon drink, it was so schweeeet. The food was pretty good too!

Howard said...

haha I went here last week as well, wasn't too bad for Canley standards.

marieeats said...

Hey Betty!
I went there last night. Suprised to see a cool fancy restaurant in Canley Heights the decorations are like as if the restaurant is in Newtown. It was still really packed at 9.30pm. I was suprised they've only been open for 3 weeks. I had the Avocado shake it was very milky - this always depends on who's making it i guess. The Laos sausage, Papaya, King Prawn (really fresh) pad thai was all really nice. Can't wait to go back i want to try their dessert - coconut creme brulee which wasnt available. Its a treat a restaurant like this in the west. Although the prices are the same as restaurants in Newtown/city.

Anonymous said...

Ate there last week (oct 09) . . . it was not the greatest restaurant in town. Looks are decieving!

We have had better elses where. Sorry

Betty said...

hehe no need to put anonymous!

everyones opinions will be different, i'm just telling it from my point of view :)

although i did come back and try some other noodle dish, i admit it wasnt that great (but i havent had any other of that sort of noodle before to compare)

havent blogged it yet..

julnhi said...

is this better than Thai Valley the one at Green Valley?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

go back and try the fried icecream. there are no words to say how good it is.