Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bentley Restaurant & Bar

320 Crown Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Sydney Australia
phone 02 9332 2344

Booked a table for four on a Wednesday night here after having this place on my to-eat list for a while (heard of it first on Richard's food blog).

Met up with Pete & drove up to the city together, very lucky to have found street parking only mtrs away from the joint!

While waiting for RIck & Ann we indulged in some cocktails ^.^

Rick & Ann arrived and followed suite - their cocktails look puuurdy :)

We got some complimentary table bread while we were deciding on what to order. We took a real sweet time since there was so much to choose from, the waitress finally took our orders on her 5th time of coming to check on us (it was a quiet weeknight, we had all the waiters attention hehe)

Parmesan custard with truffled asparagus

I THINK this was the Kingfish ceviche with pickled daikon & Yuzu mayonnaise 

Venison tartare with liquid wasabi

Soft shell crab with Szechuan pepper

Spiced chicken with aoli

Chick pea chips! (this was what i was looking forward to trying hehe)

Toast custard with lychee puree & chocolate parfait

Pistachio cake with yogurt cream & mandarin icecream

Creamed stilton blue with spiced bread & comquat

I didn't couldn't eat any of the meat dishes, but the soft shell crab looked yummy :) 

The chick pea chips were my favourite, they came with this hommosey/garlicey sauce, & me being the massive dipper i think i hogged most of it hehe.

The deserts were unusual, different, but somewhat intrigued my tastebuds - i was quite impressed! The pistachio cake with yogurt cream & mandarin icecream was my favourite - all three flavours intertwined brilliantly, first i tried them all separately, then i tried them all in one go .. so good.

What blew me away tonight was - the presentation of all the dishes that we ordered. Each dish was so exquisitely assembled with time and patience - then eaten up quickly & messily :)

After we ordered our desert,  it took a bit longer to arrive but one of the waitresses came to let us know that the chef wanted to make everything perfect and apologized for the wait - when they arrived - we could tell that he had spent a lot of time putting the dishes together, by the little leafy clovers placed in the middle of each drop of lychee puree - so amazing!!

We shared a bottle of red wine - picked out by our own personal wine connoisseur Miss Annies102 :) They have an extensive range of wine, many beautiful unique cocktails, & lots more on the menu i'd like to come back & try out.

It was a pleasure dining here at Bentley, and i wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone who loves to wine & dine :]


Betty said...

This has been on my to-eats list for ages aswell! All the plates look amazing. The chef seems to be really into long-slimy looking things ;) lol.

Trisha said...

Dude how was the bike ride???? :D

chopinandmysaucepan said...

Food is pretty good but I found the tables were just too close to each other and we ended up chatting with the couples sitting on either side of us since we could hear each other's conversations :(