Monday, June 15, 2009

S&i Thai

Simple & Irresistible Thai Cuisine
283 Miller Street
North SYdney
t. 9929 6696
Mon-Sat: 10am-10pm
Sun: 5pm-10pm

This restaurant is on the corner of Ridge Street, & i was lucky enough to find parking about 20 seconds down the road :)

From the outside, it looks like a very modern restaurant, the decoration was sleek, lighting was semi-low, & you can see into the kitchen, which runs along parallel to the dining area.

The staff are really polite & attentive (this could also be because it was after 5.30pm, not many diners in the place).

We BYO'ed a bottle of Brown Brothers Zibibo ROse (one of my top five's), & ordered shortly after our wine glasses were filled.

S&I is Ann's regular eat-out for work functions, & she suggested the curry puffs (i can't say no to these yummy)!

It came with a small bed of garden salad, slice of orange, and sweet & sour dipping sauce.

The curry puff itself was golden brown, crispy (and too small @ $1.90 per puff) but inside was a mixture of softly mushed vegies. I would of liked two but i was anticipating a large main so i left it at that. 

Curry Puff

I ordered my favourite dish - tofu & vegies Pad Thai. Rick had eaten here a while back, & said the flavours in each dish were very promising, and i totally agree. My Pad Thai was extremely flavoursome, & i regret asking for chilli because i was 'ahhh-ing' so much & drinking lots of water :(

I LOVE my foods full of flavour & ZING! & this place had ZING. hehe. Presentation was average - i was left trying to get every bit of flavour off of my banana leaf :)

Pad Thai

Chicken & Cashew Nut - served with Rice

Chicken Green Curry Served with Rice

Service, decor, ambience & food were all good. I want to come back here when Rick can go back to his normal diet again..


Trisha said...

ohmanohmanohman totally craving green curry chicken right about now! And the pad thai looks sooo scrumptious! My must you do this to me, oh dear Betty? hehehe! :P

Stephcookie said...

Hahaha oh wow this brings back memories! This place was just around the corner from my school so we spent half of our year 12 lunch times getting fried rice and pad see iwe from here...I didn't even know the name of the restaurant, it was just 'the thai place' :)

Betty said...

MMm... i love a good puff! and it's always great when you get that hit of *zing* isn't it?!
it was great to meet you & rick btw :)

Simon said...

Were you tempted to pick up the banana leaf and lick it clean? Or did you...