Tuesday, June 16, 2009

KoKo Black

Bunda Street
Canberra ACT
Australia 2600

website here

On our way back down from the camping grounds at Hobart Beach (about 2 hrs past Canberra) we remembered that I had Koko Black on my to-eat list. So here we were, stretching our feet out in this 'chocolat' place.

The line was quite long, it was about 2pm, just after lunch, & it was wet outside (& very warm inside). I think we were standing in line for about 10-15 minutes before being able to sit down.

The Front table was full of their chocolates & truffles i ended up getting a gift box for Susan since her birthday was coming up in a few days..

We ordered, & got a receipt straight after. Our orders came out in about 10 minutes, so not bad!

Ann had her supposed affogato hot chocolate ($7.75) & me & Rick shared a cappuchino ($3.85), large pot of Chai Tea ($6.00), Dulce Martini ($8.95) & a cake & biscuit plate ($5.50). I think it was a fair price altogether, but how often do we get to go to Koko Black? (Many cafes in Melb and ONE in Canberra, NONE in syd).

affogato hot chocolate

I probably would of loved the affogato seeing that it had a decent amount of condensed milk :)


The cappuchino came with a serving of milk chocolate flakes.

cake & biscuit plate

The cake & biscuit plate had a mini chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, & two short bread rounds. Oh, and a massive chocolate swirly piece, which i didn't really like i don't like chocolate when its cold its just hard & takes longer to melt in your mouth.

dulce martini

The dulce martini was dulce de leche flavoured icecream, with chocolate sauce & caramelised coconut garnish. It was more vanilla actually, i've only had dulce de leche once and i saw none of that in this.

It was quite a let down actually i don't know. Many people have raved about this place, but i still favour Lindt as my number one chocolate pig out cafe :)


Betty said...

ooh, the choc & biscuit plate looks so pretty! pity this place didn't live up to your expectations, but it looks like a nice little pit-stop on the way back home!

chocolatesuze said...

yeah those chocolates were so awesome thanks heaps dude!