Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The Entertainment Quarter
(Formally known as Fox Studios)
Shop 211, G01 Driver Ave

Ph: +61 2 9332 1409
F: +61 2 9332 1404

Tonight is the night The Presets play. We started off walking around Fox Studios and ended up choosing some italian food from Cine. (there isnt actually much to eat here, there is chinese, pubfood, German.. what else?)

At the entrance, we saw Geoff Jansz! He looked so stocky and tanned in person. We decided not to pester him for an autograph since he was having dinner with someone.

We were directed to our table quickly upon entering the restaurant (thinking we had to wait since the bbc was so packed). Cine was semi-packed but we got a table for four quite quickly. Betty had the pumpkin risotto, I had the lamb shank and there was also a fetta cheese pizza for everyone to share.

Ann chose this bottle of wine (she usually does whenever we go out to eat), this was probably the first red wine that i've enjoyed :)

Frankly, the lamb shank was absolute rubbish. The flesh was hard and not even anywhere near the right texture of a lamb shank. It should be soft, tender and falling off the bone. This one was really bad. Betty's uncle (to date) makes the best lamb shank. The saving grace for this hard and clumpy lamb was the jus it was covered in. The jus gave the lamb quite a nice flavour, but the texture of the meat ruined the entire dish.

The pizza was steaming hot right from the oven,  covered with generous amounts of goats cheese, chicken pieces & Zucchini. Flavors were a bit weak, the base was semi dry (but i guess healthy isn't a bad thing!).

The risotto had lashings of parmesan shavings on top, with spinach leaves stirred through right before serving. It wasn't too oily or thick, was a very light type of risotto, with chunks of soft pumpkin throughout. I also liked the pine nuts i found in each spoon i had.

From my bad experience with the lamb shank, I would not recommend the food at this restaurant. It was below food court level lamb roast even. The carvery at my local north sydney eatery makes their roast better than this lamb shank!


Simon said...

A lot of the places are not that great at EQ. Bavarian and the $4 lunch pizzas at Strike bowling are about the only things worth sitting down for there.

I'm surprised that Jeff was at Cine.

Betty said...

Pity about your lamb shanks :( There isn't much to eat at EQ, I even find their markets on the weekend aren't very impressive - food stalls wise, which is a shame because the place has so much potential! Ah well... I think I've been to Cine once, had some soup, it wasn't very memorable.