Thursday, December 3, 2009

Peace Harmony - Vegetarian Thai Cuisine

44 Erskine Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph 02 9262 2247

I had been recommended this restaurant by Trish & her boyfriend, who raved on about it saying it was the best Thai food they've ever had, and you wouldn't guess it was vegetarian at all. Joseph also saying that he would turn complete vegetarian if all food tasted like this.

WOW. Must be good? So after a day in the city, Richard and i came here. Starved, with high expectations hehe.

Roasted Duck Curry S $9.50 L $12
Veggie roasted duck in tasty red curry with
tomato, pineapple and vegetables.

The curry was the highlight of my meal, i kept drenching my rice with it, it was so tasty with lots of vegies & yummy pieces of sweet pineapple (this topped the curry off completely i loved it). It was a very smooth curry, unlike some places where you can sort of see the layer of oil separate from the curry.

Spicy Fried Rice S $9.50 L $12
Special fried rice with veggie meat, tofu,
vegetables, basil and chilli paste.

This fried rice was soooo chilli, i was constantly reaching for my water hehe. Richard loved it though, he can take some mean chilli in his food (i so jealous). It was however slightly bland in taste, despite the strong colours which was probably light soy sauce?

Tom Yum $5.00
Thai style spicy and sour soup with veggie king
prawn, baby corn, mushroom and Thai herb.

I haven't had tom yum soup this spicy & flavorful before, and was quite impressed seeing as this was completely vegetarian. The soup was very dark in color, and all the flavors penetrated each piece of veggie. Richard thought it was a bit salty, but that's how i like my food so no complaints from me!

Veggie Drum Stick (4pcs) $6.00
Beancurd sheet rolled on stick, deep fried, served with
sweet chilli sauce.

These were delicious little morsels, it was like chewing on a crunchy mini drumstick, & it wasn't overly oily. I was hoping for a more meaty sort of texture as to mimic real chicken meat, but nonetheless it was still a great entree.

Mind you, all this was between 2 people, and we totally over-ordered because we were soo hungry. We ended up doggy bagging everything but the entree, and i had it for breakfast the next day mm :)

The service was very friendly, the food is definitely good enough to come back to again & again, as there is such an extensive menu, of which i don't have t trawl through and find which ones i can or can't eat - as it is ALL PURE vegetarian :D

Thanks again Trish for tellin me about this little gem of a restaurant!


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

The rice looks yummy. I will go try after work.. is it open for the whole day or only lunch and dinner?

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I almost love over ordering because then you get leftovers the next day which is always very nice! :D

How was New Zealand? I can't wait to read all about it!

Trissa said...

Welcome back kiddo! We missed ya! Can't wait to hear about New Zealand...

A cupcake or two said...

Welcome back Bets. I love Vegetarian Food. I want to go to this restaurant. Let me know when you are free for a Vego meal.

joey@FoodiePop said...

Veggie drumstick? How cool! Looks quite a good place for vego Thai, so thanks!