Friday, December 25, 2009


194-204 Faraday Street
Carlton VIC 3053 Australia

After a long stroll up and down the iconic Yarra River in Melbourne's City Centre, we ventured to the Crown casino to find a shop that served iced chai tea drinks. After almost getting lost (due to some area's being closed off) we came to find that the shop was no longer there :(

So a short drive later we found ourselves in Carlton, and Ann brought me to this busy shop cafe that took up almost a hand full of the street's numbers. With heaps of people lining up to buy the larger sized cakes and sweets, we pushed our way to the left of the long counter, where you can find small bite sized morsels, (and so you can taste more!)

All these 'mignon & dolci' (mignon meaning cute or dainty) were only $1.80 each, so we bought a few.. Well, Ann let me choose !! :) With another two rooms full of seats, we luckily scored one at the front behind the windows.

Coffee Mignon
profiterole filled with coffee custard & topped with a coffee fondent

Mini Lemon Tart
a shortbread base filled with lemon custard

Pistacchio mignon
profiterole filled with pistacchio custard and topped with a pistacchio fondent

Vanilla canolli & chocolate canolli
a crunchy pastry filled with vanilla/choclate custard

(the chocolate cannoli was missing icing sugar!)

three chocolates mousse cup

say 'dolci!'

After finishing our 6 desserts, Ann saw a $2 coin outside on the path ... if you look closely you can see Ann outside (red top) picking it up Lols. So with another $2 in wallet i bought another two!

Bigne San Giuseppe
a light doughnut pastry filled with
strega chantilly cream and coated in sugar

Chocolate cheese cake

My favourites have to be the chocolate cheese cake, the mousse cup, and the chocolate cannoli. When we finished we had to sit for a bit, and let idea of us just gorging on almost $16 worth of mini cakes sink in. At this point i was thinking "Yup. DEFINITELY going for a run in the morning!!"

Brunetti's was a nice cafe to sit & chat, and with such a huuuuuge selection of cakes, tarts, biscuits, mignon, chocolates and nougat to choose from, the store also offers gelati, icy granita's, fresh smoothies and juices, foccacia, salads, crepes & over 40 handmade chocolates.

One visit is absolutely not enough, but for our short weekend trip - it was.


joey@FoodiePop said...

Those treats look so good! I'm loving your increased use of the fisheye lens too. :-) I usually stay in Carlton on Lygon Street when in Melbourne, so I will definitely try this place when I'm next there. Cheers!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

This is so naughty! It's almost midnight and all I want is some cake now! :P

Justesen said...

"three chocolates mousse cup" - This looks so delicious... I want it!

Trissa said...

Love the mignon idea! They are just so cute.

Tina said...

Did you have the hot chocolate there? It's a heart stopper... :)

shaz said...

Wow, all these look so cute. Must check this place out next time we're in Melbourne. That's a really funny pick of the $2 coin being picked up