Tuesday, December 22, 2009


My aunt had come back from Japan with some goodies, one of them being Mochi. Now i haven't had mochi before.. maybe the vietnamese kind but nothing REAL from jap.

The wrapping & cover box were pretty, the box cover had a cartoon illustration, looks like an eatery house of some sort?

There were two flavours, red bean & green tea (both my fav icecream flavours as well woohoo!)

These were really fresh (they must've been, my aunt told me not to leave them for too long because they were still fresh). Really soft and a nice chewable texture, unfortunately i didn't LOVE them, not something i'd go out & purchase myself anytime soon.

Here are a few Mochi recipes i've found on the interwebs, but i don't think i have the patience to handle something so sticky!


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I have to admit I'm a mochi fiend :P I love the ice cream filled ones you can get in Japan-oh my they are good! They always do packaging so nicely in Japan! :)

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I'm the same as Lorraine, and absolutely love the ice-cream filled ones. The mochi layer tends to be thinner and less sticky with them. However, I would love to find the Chinese ones from my childhood again which are NOT those currently found in Asian bakeries *sigh!*

Trissa said...

It's sad when you expect something to taste really good and turns out it isn't as great as you expect! Having said that - I love mochi and am not a mochi expert so to me, any mochi is good!

Kitchen Butterfly said...

Awww...they look lovely though and at least you've ticked the box, having tried them! Have a great Christmas and brilliant 2010

Anonymous said...

i love mochi too!
and green tea!
and red bean!
omg. haha this got me so excited.
and craving for it!

Gera @ SweetsFoods said...

Never tried Mochi....look delectable! Need going to a Japanese restaurant soon :)

Happy Holidays!



Betty said...

kitchen butterfly

thank u sweetie, same to you , all the best for 2010 :)


haha you mochi addict you :P