Wednesday, December 23, 2009


76 Michael Street
(corner Rowe St)
Fitzroy North
VIC 3068
Ph: 03 9077 7379

Fitzroy is located about 10 minutes drive from the Cite Centre of Melbourne, & Ann knew a great breakkie place we could eat at before hitting the beach @ Sorrento.

It's about 10am and we arrive to a bustling shop of breakfast patrons, at first we quickly took over an emptying table outside - but with the slightly chilly wind we ended up waiting for an inside table.

Mitte is named after central Berlin's Mitte district (and also hip cafe quarter), but the menu is completely Australian (and semi-gourmet if ask me). With items like middle eastern fruit compote (compote of dried fruits, vanila, cloves and orange blossom water, topped with toasted pistacios and almonds, served with yogurt) and potato and chorizo omlette (served with a tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil salad, collingwood college kitchen garden tomato and fennel chutney and sourdough toast, it's almost like you can choose your own adventure at breakfast time hehe.

Also on the menu are the classic egg dishes, 3 cheese omlette, free range poached eggs with smoked salmon (for the people who arent feeling very daring)

The building used to be an old milk bar which was burnt down, and thanks to the large windows is now a wonderfully sun-lit cafe (yay to natural lighting hee hee)

Cappuccino $3.30

Calmer SUtra Chai w/ soy $5

My chai tea was mildly spiced, and if it weren't for the creamy soy milk i probably wouldn't of liked it as much. It was a large serving though, one pot yielding just over two cups.

Croque monsieur $12.50

Linh's came out first: an open toasted sandwich of dijon mustard, bechamel (that creamy lasagne goodness stuff), gypsy ham & St Claire swiss cheese. With four large pieces, she had trouble finishing this off but from what i could see, it looked a bit too dry (i prefer a larger topping : bread ratio in these food cases).

three cheese omelette $15

Omlette served baking dish style, the three cheeses being marinated goats fetta, grana padano and buffalo mozzarella (not your usual tasty cheese omlette) topped with green olive, cherry tomato, parmasen and rocket salad, served with sour dough toast. I had a taste of Ann's omlette, and it was salty (yum) but did not make me regret ordering my chick pea bake ... (further below)

iced chocolate $5

Jess's towering glass of iced hot chocolate looked so appetizing i couldnt help but take a sip soon after she had her first. Extra creamy with lacings of chocolate topping around the bottom and sides, as well as a dollop of creamy vanilla icecream - this was a true iced chocolate that makes you keep taking huge sips ahh..

free ranged poached eggs
with middle eastern chickpea bake $15

Both me & Jessica had this (Ann had been raving on about this for a long time prior our Melbourne trip) and said that i'd LOVE it. And LOVED it i did! What a massive breakfast for only $15 i was amazed st how full i was (and i couldn't finish it all either).

The flavoury chickpea bake was topped with a meredith marinated goats fetta & herd and shallot salad, with half of a large avocado, lemon wedges and sourdough toast. My eggs were perfectly poached (this usually leads to a GREAT day ahead for me if my eggs are cooked the way i like them), the chickpea bake was fantastic with a salsy tomato sauce i really couldn't get enough of it.

With such a cosy & warm environment, a casual friendly/family vibe, good service, and an excellent selection on the menu, i can understand why this place can be packed on weekend mornings.

Afterwards it was onto Sorrento Beach for a picnic of snacks, lazing in the sun, and photo-taking :)


Trissa said...

Looks like you had load of fun Betty!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Betty! What great fun you had :)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Aww I love the pics of you and your friends, they're so cute! :D The 4 slices of bread for the croque monsieur does sound quite big! :o

annies102 said...

Betty how can jess have an "iced hot chocolate"? LOL LOL