Friday, May 15, 2009

Freshcakes by Jane

Twas my little sister's birthday party coming up, so i put in an order

for a FreshCakes Cake from Jane - i chose Black Forest. I didn't want

a heavy chocolatey cake like mud cake or chocolate fudge, so i thought

Black Forest would be a good choice.

& boy, was it a good choice :) The Boyfriend made a trip to

Marrickville to pick up the cake (unfortunately for us she didn't

deliver to the Western Suburbs) & was driving home under the speed

limit to make sure the cake stayed in one piece (thanks baby!!)

I didn't get to see it until the next morning, i had to rearrange the

fridge to make room for the massive box. Movements of egg cartons,

left over dinners from the week, some asian sweets & fruit - the cake

sat safely until it was time to come out again. I had some good

friend's offer their fridge space, but mom said it'd be easier to have

it at our place to save the trouble of traveling to get it when we

needed it.

Birthday cake cutting + candle lighting + candle blowing time came (i
purchased some 'magic' candles, that flickered back on after being
blown out heehee).

When i cut into the cake, i could tell that it was so moist, the
section kind of sunk down, chunks crumbled down, was very very careful
when rationing out to all the teenagers outside, but still ended up
being very messy boo :(

My turn to eat cake. WAIT!-have to give my friends some too haha
almost forgot =P

Rick is on a no-wheat no-dairy no-to-alot-of-foods-diet, so he didn't get any.

I, though, had like three slices because it was so so moist, perfect
cake-to-cream ratio (just like the other two cakes i had tried from
Jane). Topped with whipped cream, & glazed cherries, with a lot of
chocolate curls on top.

Even my mom and the oldies liked the cake - my mom usually complains
'oh it's too sweet' but she loved it - and praised me for getting such
a nice cake :)

I would most definitely order the Black Forest again, but not until i
try a few other of Jane's creations!!


Betty said...

looks and sounds delicious! where is FreshCakes?

Babydoll's Project 365 said...

i think her shop is in redfern but here is a link to her website