Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sushi Train, Below the escalators @ Parramatta westfields

We noticed a new sushi train at Parramatta and were keen to try it out. The restaurant was arranged in a semi-circle layout, with a bamboo thicket surrounding the outer edge of the room. It all looked very pretty.

Like many other sushi trains, the chefs were in the middle making the sushi out in the open viewable to all patrons of the restaurant. They showed some skill in making the sushi swiftly and skillfully.

We sat down at one of the four seated tables that sits perpendicular to the sushi train conveyor. We started the night off grabbing anything and everything we could starting with the seaweed salad boat. The seaweed had a nice springy texture and had just the right amount of flavouring mixed in. The rice wine and rice was mixed to a good ratio so it wasn’t too flavourless as some Japanese restaurants would have.

Next up was the salmon roe boat with cucumber instead of seaweed. This one was a little plain, but it would have been nicer if the sushi boat was made out of seaweed instead of the cucumber. The cucumber drowned out the taste of the salmon roe leaving us with a watered down version of what we usually have.

Betty spotted a corn & mayonnaise sushi boat next and we sampled that as soon as it hit the table. The mayonnaise being kewpie mayo was rich and creamy without too much of a sour taste. This one was possibly one of the best tonight!

Wade, being a sushi virgin was forced into eating some sushi tonight. So we picked out something not too bizarre: pork katsu sushi roll. The pork katsu sushi roll was tightly packed so it didn’t fall apart as soon as we picked one up. Wade actually liked this one and said “It’s not bad”.

We saw a cute looking plate drift past and on it was an inside out sushi roll with soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado & flying fish roe. This one was quite average, it wasn’t anywhere near as good as the “spider roll” we’ve had at Sakae in the city! The crab was nicely deep fried but it was lacking that crunchiness.

The next one was one of our usuals: Salmon sushi. Although usually we have it plain, this Japanese restaurant had mayo & Spanish onion slices on top. It was quite a good one with the creamy mayo blending well with the slice of salmon. Betty as usual completely drenched her portion in soy sauce drowning out all the flavour.

Another all time favourite the Takoyaki came out next! We all had one “octopus ball” each but the takoyaki was cold by the time we had it. The bonito shavings on the top were a little stale too. It was also missing the kewpie mayo & the Japanese style bbq sauce! So this one was an EPIC FAIL!

Here are the rest of the plates we had, it'd be too long of a review if we wrote about everything hehe.

This was Wade's idea the dirty bastard!

All up we would say this is another average run of the mill Japanese restaurant. The d├ęcor and location were perfect, but other than that there wasn’t anything special about this place.