Thursday, December 18, 2008

Max Brennars Parramatta

SYDNEY - PARRAMATTA Shop 2187, Level 2, Westfield
159-175 Church Street, Parramatta NSW 2150
Phone Number: +61 2 9635 7566

This is my favourite place to go have chocolate stuff :)

These jars are just for looks i think, they're so pretty they wouldn't last long in my home!!

My favourite thing on the menu is this, Suckao. The thing in the middle is like a bunsen burner, which heats up the milk, and then you put in chocolate bits to make your own hot chocolate. We chose darkchocolate, and you can request extra milk and choc chips without any extra charge.

What i like to do is put HEAPS of choc bits and then, as they melt i eat them without stirring it *yum*

We've been here a couple of times (there is also one in double bay, and in the city somewhere). The waffles are really decadent, with sugar crystals sprinkled on top of a hot toasted waffle, melted chocolate on the waffle, with your choice of icecream, strawberries, bananas and marshmallows.

I have yet to taste anything else from here, but it all looks so nice!!

Definately come and try this place out, even though it can get really busy, the place is quite small, and the service can be slow (when it's packed out), its kind of worth the wait, especially if you go with friends you can just chit chat to pass the time