Monday, December 29, 2008

Steel bar & Grill

60 Carrington Street, (cnr Wynyard St, & Carrington St)
Sydney NSW 2000
p: 929 99 997

Tonight is Ann's birthday. She chose the Steel Bar & Grill in the city. It's conveniently located just around the corner from bar 333 where we had drinks before we came in for dinner. The restaurant looked pretty posh from outside in with it's silver themed decor and artsy photos hanging on the walls

We took a table over near the wine rack on the left hand side of the dining area. The table was set with olives, bread and olive oil so we could nibble on those while we ordered. The black olives were quite a bit nicer than the green olives which were a little less flavoursome. The sourdough bread was matched well with the olive oil, it tasted awesome!

Tonight we chose to order two wines for the table. One half wanted a red wine and the other half wanted a white, so we had a stella bella shiraz and some kind of sauvignon blanc for the other half. The wine was quite good considering we had no idea what to choose.

I ordered an entree sized oyster platter (6 pieces). This came with a sauce with chopped tomato and some kind of balsamic vinegar. The oysters were from a southern area of NSW but were called "Sydney rock oysters". They were very fresh and the sauce enhanced the flavours of the oysters (having this kind of sauce was a first for us).

The mains came out about five minutes later. I ordered a rib eye steak with beetroot and jus and Betty ordered a Scallop & paw paw salad. The steak was so tender, as soon as it went in your mouth you could taste the natural flavours of the beef without having to supplement it with a sauce. Having the jus drizzled on the plate enhanced that natural flavour even more. The steak itself was cooked to perfection without any of it's juices drizzling out onto the plate. The beetroot on the side were your usual flavoured pickled beetroot, so there was nothing special there.

The paw paw & scallop salad had a very distinct Vietnamese influence with the shredded unripe paw paw strands. All it lacked was some nuoc mam and it would be a vietnamese dish! Betty thought the scallops could have been softer and more tender but the paw paw salad made up for it. There were little crushed up cashew pieces which added to the semi crunchy texture of the paw paw salad, this went nicely together.

Everyone else had these:



For dessert, the group ordered a strawberry pavlova, some other dessert that I can't remember and a plate of mixed cheese and crackers. The strawberry pavlova was quite nice, possibly the best pavlova I've had in a while. On the cheese platter, there was a brie cheese, blue cheese and an aged cheddar cheese. Out of all three, I'd say the blue cheese was the best. It's a pity I had to drive, the cheeses would have went so nicely with a glass of red :)

Overall, I'd definately come back to this restaurant. I'd recommend it to all my friends and it's safe to say the steak here is the best I've ever had. 10/10 for this place in all aspects!


xxx said...

ohh i was there last week for a drink!

the venue looked really nice and it was right next door to my old work.

sligoice said...

yum,yum, yum!!