Thursday, December 11, 2008

Meat & WIne Co. Parramatta

Corner Church and Market Street 
Sydney NSW 2150
Phone: (02) 9630 2434

Walking around near the train station in Parramatta (westfield side), we realised this side of town was closing up and fast. So we hopped in the car and made our way quickly to the other side of the train tracks to the main strip of cafe's and restaurants. We drove past the whole strip thinking of all the choice we had! Parramatta looked so lively with all the people out at 9:30pm dining at the local cafe's.

It was a relief to see all the eateries open (we didn't really want to have city extra). We drove all the way down to the end of the strip and thought we'd give the Meat and Wine Co a review since we haven't been there in quite a while.

We walked into the front door and decided to sit outside in the nice cool breeze. We took our time ordering and finally decided on the New York Dry Aged Steak for me and the Catch of the Day for Betty. We ordered a glass of Irvine Merlot 2004.

The drinks came out quickly but we weren't really paying much attention due to the fact we were deep in conversation about some trivial matter. Betty noticed the wine glass was dirty with some dust sitting on top of the wine. Although it took a further twenty minutes for our food to come out, we weren't particularly fussed. The service was friendly and informative, however it was quite funny to see the waitress pull out some cue cards for the night's specials and fish selection.

The steak came out first and then two minutes later, the fish arrived. We asked the waitress for some dipping sauce for the fish and waited around a little longer before hunger took over my bodily control. I started eating the chips first. The chips were thickly sliced steak chips with a nice crispy outer skin and a fluffy textured filling. They were great with the blue cheese and vodka sauce. The steak was perfectly cooked - medium - with a slightly chargrilled smoky flavour on the surface. The marinade was sweet but not cloying on the tongue, which in my opinion makes it a steak good enough to eat without a sauce.

The catch of the day was a soft and slightly chewy fish. We couldn't understand the name of the fish due to our waitress' thick spanish accent. There were a choice of two fish: swordfish and the (insert name here). Betty chose the latter as the waitress said it was a softer more flavoursome fish. The fish was fairly firm without a trace of fishiness. The outer edges of the fish steak were more flavoured with seasoning, but as you get closer to the centre of the steak it lost it's flavour. The mash that accompanied the fish was an herbal buttered mash. The mash went well with the fish adding extra flavour with the butter and herbs to the less flavoured fish steak centre.

Overall the service was quite good, but the wait for our food was a little too long. We've eaten at this restaurant quite a few times now, so you could say we enjoyed it enough to come back again & again :)