Friday, May 15, 2009

Badde Manors
37 Glebe Point Road
Glebe, NSW 2037

Third time that i've come back here, this time brought my girlfriend Wensy & her meat eating boyfriend Ben for some breakfast.

It was about 10am, Rick & I had just done a 7km run, on only a few hours of sleep, so we were starved for some good wholesome food, & this you can find @ Badde Manors :)

We started off with our usual pots of Chai Tea (pots with an 's' because it's so good i want one teapot all to myself!) & Wensy ordered a cup of Indonesian spiced tea.

The Indo tea - wasn't my cup of tea - there was pepper & .. cajun spice in it ? & it was too milky for my liking, quite watery too..

They had upgraded their menu's from black print on white paper, laminated, to a nice three paged fold out of a nice woody brown background - this was much nicer to read off :)

I went with the Eggs Florentine. Two poached eggs on a bed of wilted spinach on english muffin, with roast tomato & roast chat potatoes. I forgot to mention that i liked my eggs extra runny (i ALWAYS forget, i wish places would ask what we would prefer??). There was a good amount of spinach, (too much and the flavor gets overwhelming, especially if they didn't add any flavours), the muffin was soft, not really toasted enough for me (i like my english muffin extra crunchy smothered with butter). The tomato & chat potatoes were a nice addition to everything, & filled me up just enough.

Rick ordered the Oats with cinnamon & banana (since he's on this no-wheat no-dairy detox) so it was made with Soy milk - this made a majorly huge difference. The oats was creamy, and soft, i think honey was mixed through, topped with a few slices of banana (not enough banana me thinks) & with cinnamon sprinkled on top. All in all, this was the best oats i've ever had, & i think i'll be having oats for breakfast this week :)

Wensy chose the Mediterranean Breakfast - i had this last time the review can be found here. She didn't get any olives though - so at the end we told them & they brought us out a mini bowl of FIVE olives. haha Five only!!

Ben got the pesto tomato goats cheese & avocado on toast. This looked to raw & plain to me, also i don't think i'm a fan of pestO? I haven't tried it before but i just seem to think that i wouldn't really like it..

Even coming here three times already, there are other things i want to try on the menu (i haven't eaten lunch here, but i saw a tasty cheese platter i'd like to try out!). I love Glebe, it's such a laid back suburb, parking wasn't too bad for a Weekend morning, & the book shops i adore except we didn't have time to browse today!

Freshcakes by Jane

Twas my little sister's birthday party coming up, so i put in an order

for a FreshCakes Cake from Jane - i chose Black Forest. I didn't want

a heavy chocolatey cake like mud cake or chocolate fudge, so i thought

Black Forest would be a good choice.

& boy, was it a good choice :) The Boyfriend made a trip to

Marrickville to pick up the cake (unfortunately for us she didn't

deliver to the Western Suburbs) & was driving home under the speed

limit to make sure the cake stayed in one piece (thanks baby!!)

I didn't get to see it until the next morning, i had to rearrange the

fridge to make room for the massive box. Movements of egg cartons,

left over dinners from the week, some asian sweets & fruit - the cake

sat safely until it was time to come out again. I had some good

friend's offer their fridge space, but mom said it'd be easier to have

it at our place to save the trouble of traveling to get it when we

needed it.

Birthday cake cutting + candle lighting + candle blowing time came (i
purchased some 'magic' candles, that flickered back on after being
blown out heehee).

When i cut into the cake, i could tell that it was so moist, the
section kind of sunk down, chunks crumbled down, was very very careful
when rationing out to all the teenagers outside, but still ended up
being very messy boo :(

My turn to eat cake. WAIT!-have to give my friends some too haha
almost forgot =P

Rick is on a no-wheat no-dairy no-to-alot-of-foods-diet, so he didn't get any.

I, though, had like three slices because it was so so moist, perfect
cake-to-cream ratio (just like the other two cakes i had tried from
Jane). Topped with whipped cream, & glazed cherries, with a lot of
chocolate curls on top.

Even my mom and the oldies liked the cake - my mom usually complains
'oh it's too sweet' but she loved it - and praised me for getting such
a nice cake :)

I would most definitely order the Black Forest again, but not until i
try a few other of Jane's creations!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Betty & Rick's Half Gluten Free Ferrero Rocher Cupcakes

I've had these cake mixes in the pantry for a while now, but just never got around to baking anything. One night after work, had nothing to do, had too many ferrero rochers lying around from easter, so i put them together :)

Half gluten free, since the cake mix was gluten/wheat/dairy/yeast free - but ferrero rochers aren't.

We had fun chopping (and eating) our way through about 15 chocolates.

I made use of my love heart mini cupcake cases, into the oven they went.

Not long after, an aroma of cinnamon filled the house, we kept the oven light on & watched our little babies rise.

There was a little batter left so Rick made an origami box, i was sure that this wouldnt work and we'd end up with one big fat pancake looking cupcake - but i was wrong lols =P

Made little take away boxes for Ann, Jeremy, Anita, Sam & Julie, and kept a few for my family, & Rick took the box home with him.

I originally wanted to add grated carrots instead, and top with cream cheese icing, but my sweet tooth took over.. but the carrots didnt go to waste hehe! I'll use the other packet of cake mix for my half gluten free carrot & cheese cake delights!

San Churros

47 Glebe Point Road
Glebe NSW 2037
p 02 9692 0119

Came into San Churros after a meal of Mexican next door (like really, literally next door, not even 3 steps away. GREAT, how will we walk off our food before having desert hehe)

I love the atmosphere, ambience, smell, and lighting,it was warm & cosey, with nice comfy booths, wooden tables & chairs, just a really inviting feel. Displays of truffles & cakes left me, Ann & Jane drooling to order a whole bunch of things, to fulfil our chocolate cravings :) But i did the sensible thing and said 'lets not order too much, our eyes are just really hungry right now.. we just filled our stomachs with Mexicana!!)

We decided on the mixed plate, & some churros with chocolate & caramel dipping sauce.

This was even too much for 3 gals & 2 guys, on top of this was some coffees & hot chocolates.

The chocolate brownie was dry.. Ann says Betty Crocker's instant microwave choc fudge brownie was 10 times better (note:must get some at the next grocery shopping trip). The truffles were average, but then again i can't really say or compare with anything - i've never eaten truffles before. The cocoa covered balls and chocolate fudge cups were okay as well, the churros were my favourite :)

We had the churros with dark chocolate & caramel dipping sauce - delightful! Sure beats the soft bready type churros that i had at Seaworld in 2007, these were crunchy & warm, slightly undercooked says Ann, but hey it's like undercooked cookies - yummy & chewy!!

Jay found churros shaped in his initials!!

San churros beats Lindt's waffles, by far! My new favourite chocolate cafe hehe ^.*

Badde Manors
37 Glebe Point Road
Glebe, NSW 2037

I've been to Badde Manors (bad manners - play on words haha!) before for breakfast with Ann, & was quite impressed with their fully vegetarian menu, so came back with Rick for dinner after work on a thursday night.

Once you enter the cafe, there is only about 5 or 6 booths that you can see - but there is a back room with another 7 or 8 small tables. The walls are covered with ads for apartment renting, art classes, club invites, and info pamphlets on various topics/subjects like.. i don't remember but it was interesting to read while waiting for our food hehe.

We had a look at the menu, called over the waitress & she asked if we had seen the specials menu. She brought over a large blackboard haha, and i chose from there the eggplant parmigiana, Rick chose the Tajini.

We shared a pot of chai tea while we waited (again, i must say, the BEST chai tea ever, one pot for about $4.50 is a bargain!). Tea infused with small pieces of ginger, cinnamon, and other spices i'm not really sure of..

Food came out in about 10-15 minutes, presentation i'd say is average. My eggplant parmigiana came with some salad, wedges & aioli sauce (my fav!!). The wedges were nice & crunchy, with real fluffy potato in the middle, & went deliciously with the home made aioli sauce this pair is a super hit in my books :) The eggplant & mushroom was layered with cheese and a tomato & onion based sauce, altogether was not flavory enough for me, but with a bit of sprinkled salt i was a happy diner.

Rick's Tajini was basically some cous cous, curry vegetables carrots, eggplant, tomato, onion & capsicum in a slightly morrocon spiced curry sauce, served with natural greek yogurt. The cous cous had bits of sultanas & almond slivers, and tasted like it was packet cous cous.. it wasn't at all fluffy, but stale. The meal altogether was lacking salt as well, but Rick followed my lead & added some salt :)

I would come back here, but not anytime soon. I want to explore other vegetarian restaurants, but i'd definitely come back for some chai!!


14-15 The Rocks Centre
Cnr Kendall Lane & Argyle Streets
The Rocks
Sydney 2000
Ph: 02 9252 7797

Eating out with friends I can say is a thing I enjoy doing quite a bit. There's almost nothing like a good dinner with your mates, a few glasses of wine and a good atmosphere. The only thing that beats it is a dinner with Betty!

The destination for our little get together is Pony. This is the sister restaurant to the Steel Bar and Grill, so you can expect a fairly good steak, entree's & wines.

We started the night off chatting away with Chris getting to know the rest of the group and soon our starters arrived. We had some Steamed edamame with murray river pink salt, A tasting plate of grilled chorizo, manchego cheese, murupi chillies, marinated olives, butter bean and tomato salad, cumquat and pear chutney and lastly Baked eggplant, basil and fetta rolls, tomato sugo.

Edamame has now become one of our favourite snacks when eating out. It's just so wholesome and tastes so good with the salt crystals lightly sprinkled on the outside. You can never go wrong with edamame.

The tasting plate was a quite good, but not enough to really share around with six people. The chorizo had a nice balance of saltiness and meatiness when compared with the chorizo from waqu. It had a lot more flavour and the texture had a better feel in my mouth. The manchego cheese was a slightly hard but not too salty type of cheese. When eaten with the cumquat and pear chutney, it was delicious! Now the murupi chillies were a little strange to me. I haven't ever seen little ball shaped chilli's before, but I can say that these are better than your average jalapeno. The flavour was acidic with a hint of sweetness which made it taste a little more like eating a hot little pickled capsicum. I'd definately have it again as a snack.

The baked eggplant was not bad, but not that great either. It was a little plain in comparison to the rest of the starters. The upside was, that it was served with a few slices of turkish bread. It was almost like spreading avocado over turkish toast but not quite as nice.

Mains were up next. I had the Eye fillet, slow cooked beef cheek ravioli, wilted spinach, horseradish cream.

The eye fillet on the bone was cooked exactly to how I would expect a medium rare cut of beef to be done slightly red on the inside, pink and then brown on the outside. I'm salivating now thinking about it again! The steak itself was soft, succulent and so full of natural flavour I really want to eat it again right here right now. It was presented on a bed of wilted spinach which was really only there for decoration since the steak was the main attraction.

Betty had the gnocci with mixed vegetables.

The gnocci was quite soft, almost like eating sticky rice but fluffier, it was delicious, but slightly too oily. The marinated vegetables were cooked just right bursting with their natural flavours, with some added herbs & seasoning.

Ann had the Crisp pressed duck, sweet potato mash, bok choy, bitter-sweet orange sauce.

Jeremy had the Tasmanian Salmon, salad of pickled beetroot, orange, mint and fetta.

Jenny went with the Sirloin, thick cut chips, watercress salad, béarnaise.

We also ordered a side of Dutch cream potatoes baked with parmesan.

We were keen on desert & ordered three off the menu.

This passionfruit dacquoise (i'm not sure of the spelling) was divine. Lemony, passiony, coconutty, sweet & citric goodness this was my favourite out of the three that we ordered.

The creme brulee was disappointing actually.. it came with poached pear slices (it tasted like canned fruit) and the shortbread - was probably the nicest on the plate.

We also ordered an apple tart, totally regret ordering this as there was nothing special about it at all (hence no picture hehe). The apple was not soft but abit hard and undercooked for a tart, and the pastry wasn't impressive either.

Tonight everyone enjoyed their dinner, it even pleased the fussy eater Jeremy who cannot eat any kind of red meat due to it's flavour. He's an avid pork / seafood eater. I'd recommend Pony to anyone who would like to have dinner and chat with their friends in a nice quiet environment.

Cheers :)