Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Cove

Ph: (02) 9719 3022; 
1 Henley Marine Dr, DRUMMOYNE 2047 

Open Breakfast-lunch 7 days, dinner Fri-Sat; BYO, Corkage $2.50 person; Outside seats available

After a gruelling 7km run around the beautiful lake in Iron Cove, we came here for breakfast. It was a public Holiday, Easter Friday me thinks? & Whilst jogging past, we saw this place was open! So we scrapped our original plan of eating something at Cabramatta, & opted for this since we were starving already.

They seemed quite busy (and i don't blame them, as most places took the holiday & didn't open up at all).

mmm - can't wait to eat!

We started off with Drinks. I had the San Pelligrino Aranciata, Rick the Orange Juice, Ann the Skinny MOcha. After ordered our mains, we saw the table next to us had avocado on toast.. it looked really scrumptious so we ordered "whatever they have right there" haha :)

It was avocado spread on toasted white bread (& you can see there was some avocado skin spread on as well... i just picked this off lol i didn't really give a crap!!). Bread was served with lime juice & cracked pepper. Great mix, would definitely try this at home.

I chose the muffin with poached egg, smoked salmon (i need my protein hehe), spinach mushrooms & tomato topped with some kind of creamy sauce.. what it was called i can't remember. It wasn't hollandaise sauce ...

The smoke salmon was quite salty, the eggs were cooked to perfection (still having a runny yolk, i love runny yolk in my eggs)

Ann had the big breakfast which had it all plus bacon. She said the bacon was crisp and salty (even though she was adding more salt & pepper haha..!)

Rick had the big breakfast with Sausages.

We were quite full, and very satisfied :) Would defiantly come back here, maybe on our next run? I want to try something else on the menu they had some pancakes and nice smoothies as well.

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The Suburban Chef said...

I must have breakfast...NOW :)