Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Restaurant Cuvee

Restaurant Cuvee @ Peterson Champagne House - Hunter Valley
Corner Broke Road and Wine COuntry Drive
Pokolbin NSW 2320

P: 02 4998 7881
F: 02 4998 7882

Richard organised an overnight stay in the Hunter Valley for us (no reason, just cos he loves me! hehe <3)>

It was slightly cloudy on the morning we arrived (we left home around 6am, it was about a 3 hour drive north of western sydney) but with so much green and lovely scenery, we put the weather aside and just enjoyed our morning together.

Upon sitting down this little bird cacme to say hello, it was so cute and i was making sure not ta make any sudden jerking movements for fear of it flying away. It stayed with us for a good minute or two hehe.

With vineyards in our view, we went through all the wineries that we should visit, and also discussed where we should be eating for lunch, dinner, and the next day breakfast & lunch! (so this is the first of a few posts for the Hunter Valley)

We were the first to arrive for breakfast, whilst walking through to our tables i could hear clinking and clattering in the kitchen of food getting prepped, & we asked for a seat outside so we could take in the views and fresh air.

The house had a clean but rustic look about it, with everything set up really neatly, and with lots of room for outdoor seating, there was a lot of space between each table so it didn't feel very crowded. I also remember reading that they also offer wedding receptions... :P

mocha $4.50

chai latte $5.50

We started with hot drinks. Richard's mocha was strong and creamy, with a nice sprinkling of chocolate powder on top (which i usually get a heaped teaspoon of before Richard takes a sip hehe) and my chai latte was smooth with a nice chai smell (and perfect blend of spices) i really enjoyed my chai, not many places can make a proper chai latte (most often i find they just dunk in a chai tea bag and add boiling water and milk).

"magnum" $20
Bacon, eggs, sausage, grilled tomato,
hashbrown & thick cut sour dough

Their breakfast menu has interesting names and here Richard goes for the magnum (and also gives me the 'magnum' look that Derek Zoolander gives at the end of his movie which makes him famous once again haha).

When asked how he would like the eggs, he asked if he could have one poached and one fried sunny side up and the girl says she has to check and shortly.. comes back letting us know that it won't be a problem (yay i love runny yolks).

The bacon he says was moist with crisp skin bits and not too salty. & as you can see both eggs were cooked to perfection (lok at the sheen on the yolk) and the poached egg one prick of a fork and the yolk came oozing out it was a beautiful sight!

"cuvee" $18
marinated field mushrooms, English spinach &
Binnorie daily fetta served on toasted turkish bread
(extra hashrowns $4)

I loved everything on my plate and left nothing behind (and even ordered a 2nd hashbrown even to begin with hehe i love my hashbrowns). The fetta totally enhanced the flavour of the mushroom since the mushroom had only little flavour and the fetta was so creamy and just the right amount of saltiness, and the spinach wasn't too bitter (baby english spinach maybe it was).

The hashbrowns were so good, crisp on the outside with real potato on the inside much like a really good McDonalds hashbrown but just right out of the fryer and onto our plate so it was still hot. I also asked for a side of ketchup (can't have hashbrowns without ketchup) and i got a generous serving in a shot glass... what a messy eater i am hehe

Having breakfast here was a real treat, the service was excellent and having the whole outdoor area to ourselves (well almost, a family came in half way through our meals but because it was so spacious it was like they weren't there at all) we were able to sit and enjoy everything around us.

How perfect does the grass look?!

I would have to say this breakfast made the top of my list ! Shame its a 3 hour drive away though, i can't wait to come back to hunter valley i loved it (and look out for more posts coming up!)


Richard said...

LOL @ Zoolander :) I so knew you were going to put a reference to him there!

Love the photos babe, keep up the awesome work!

Laire @ the raw noodle said...

oh love the hunter! We have been back a few times now. Everyone is always so friendly there. Must be the heavy pours!

My favourite place for lunch there is "leaves and fishes". Each time we have visited, I've made sure we have a lunch booking there.

Such a happy place, its not too far from sydney. Only a couple of hours but you feel so far away from the real world. I do love the hunter! :)

AY said...

Still loving the photos Betty! Makes me feel like I'm some kinda insect flying around with you! Haha. I still haven't been to Hunter Valley yet but thanks to you, I think I'll be adding that to my already long list of places to visit! :D

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Haha I think you need to put a picture up of Richard doing the Magnum look! :P I like Blue Steel myself ;)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. You had a good holiday. Love the hunter.

julnhi said...

i wanna get married at petersons .. its such a beautiful place and yummm dessert wines there .. and cookie and cream fudge.. LOL i miss hunter valley ...

A cupcake or two said...

The magnum. I love that movie. The cuvee breakfast would have been my pic. Big plump mushrooms. Delicious

joey@FoodiePop said...

Awesome Zoolander reference. :-)

panda said...

your hubby is so sweet! breakfast looks fantastic!

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

So glad you made it to Peterson House - it really is a beautiful spot =)

Trisha said...

Going to the hunter in february so will definitely go here!! Adding it to my list of places to visit!!

Trissa said...

Thanks for sharing Betty - I do love finding out about out of town places. I have got friends from Manila coming in a few months - maybe I'll take them here!

Fiona said...

I didn't visit the vineyards enough when we lived in Newcsatle *sigh* gorgeous up there

Anonymous said...

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shaz said...

Been years since i've been to the Hunter, great photos! Those eggs look sooo good. Probably good enough even for the Prime Minister of Micronesia ;P

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


grace said...

oh, i do love a hot chai. and for the record, i can't see or hear the word magnum without thinking about zoolander. :)

diva said...

oh check out Magnum - a real winner. lucky you girl! I remember visiting Hunter Valley years ago. what a beautiful place it was :) so calm and lovely.

Thanks for visiting The Sugar Bar. your comment was very sweet. x

Adrian @ Food Rehab said...

nice getaway! Yes, the hashbrown looks amazing. I love dining out in the vineyards as most source their produce locally. You can really appeciate that and can taste the difference.

Jen ( said...

I love local getaways! The breakfast looks amazing! Aren't you a lucky gal ;)

Anonymous said...

love the cakes.
little heart shaped ones!
sucker for anything like those.
just gotta love em.