Monday, February 2, 2009


116-120 Liverpool St
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone (02) 9269 0990
Fax (02) 9269 0017

Sakae is one of our favourite value for money japanese restaurants. It's located on Liverpool street in the city opposite Makoto and next to a few Korean BBQ places. This was going to be a light dinner for us since we weren't too hungry yet again. So we ordered a mixed sashimi plate, Spider roll, Takoyaki and some seaweed salad.

The last time we were here, the soft shell crab in the spider roll was the best we'd ever had. This time though, we were a little disappointed because it wasn't as nice as we'd first had it. Probably bad consistency on their part here. Although when you drench it in soy sauce, it doesn't really matter all that much afterwards. It was still pretty good with the crispy spider legs and fresh sushi rice mixing nicely in my mouth with the kewpie mayonnaise.

The sashimi was quite fresh, set on a wooden plate true to japanese style. Everything was cut perfectly into their little slices of fishy goodness. This was another dish we drenched in soy sauce and wasabi.

After that we tackled the takoyaki. It came out nice and hot with the bonito shavings curling up on top of the takoyaki balls. I love bonito shavings, so I ate those first. It tasted a little like the dried squid you can get from Cabramatta, although it's easier to eat and not quite as smelly. The takoyaki balls were hot, but they lacked the usual crispyness on the outside. The inside of the takoyaki was nice and creamy with a little cube of octopus right in the middle. The kewpie sauce and brown sauce complimented the takoyaki quite well, although I'd have liked it better if it was crispier.

The best part of the whole meal was the seaweed salad. Sweet, spicy and topped with seasame seeds. What more could you want? The seaweed was quite cold so I'm assuming it had just come out of the fridge, but this didn't matter since it tasted so awesome that I didn't care about the rest of the meal. It was that good.

I'd come back again if I wanted fairly priced and good Japanese food which is pretty hard to find these days.


sligoice said...

sounds so interesting esp the seaweed salad! and the photos are brilliant!

chocolatesuze said...

hey guys wheres your email address? can you email me susanATchocolatesuzeDOTcom