Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thai Banquet

Shop 4
40 Elizabeth Dr, Liverpool, NSW 2170
(02) 9600 9262

Open Weekdays 12pm-3pm, 5:30pm-10pm; Weekends 5:30pm-10pm

Upon arriving at this small Thai restaurant I almost thought I entered a takeaway shop, however this was the wrong side. Further down was another door where the sit down restaurant section resides. The decor was authentic with slightly dim lighting.

We were approached by a polite young waiter and were shown to our seats promptly. We were given two menus and decided to have the fish cakes and the money bags (vegetarian deep fried dumplings) for appetisers and the Tom Yum Goong & King Prawn Pad Thai for the mains.

After waiting for about fifteen to twenty minutes of zero service, Betty decided to get up and call a waiter over from the takeaway section so we could order our food. The waitress wasn't all too interested in what we had to order and quickly left once she had taken our order down.

The food came out quite quickly. This was much quicker than expected. The first to come out were our appetisers, the Thai Fish Cakes and the Moneybags. The fish cakes were not as spicy as i would have liked them to be but the sweet chilli sauce made up for that. The moneybags were quite nice with the clear sweet and sour sauce. The skin of the moneybags were fried golden brown and were crispy but not too hard. The fillings were similar to a samosa, but without the curry.

Next up were the mains. We still hadn't got our drinks by now so we politely reminded our waiter to bring our drinks out. The drinks came out rather quickly after that reminder. The Pad Thai was delicious, second only to the Pad Thai we had in Brisbane earlier this year. The noodles were cooked perfectly with enough tamarind to be very flavoursome. The only thing that could be improved for the Pad Thai would be for the chef to use fresh prawns, rather than the frozen variety. Although it is hard to find restaurants that use fresh prawns these days.

The Tom Yum Goong looked extremely good with it's dark red colour with mushrooms and prawns floating on the top. I was expecting the Tom Yum to be quite spicy from the amount of redness in the soup, but it was quite mild. There was enough flavour in the Tom Yum soup for us to be able to pour it over rice and eat it that way. All in all, the Tom Yum was delicious.

After eating all that food, we were satisfied not to need a dessert. Thinking that we would be waiting too long for a waiter to give us our bill, we walked up to the counter to pay.

I liked this piece of art, 3D elephants, this made the place feel like it was a restaurant in Thailand, i would lOVE to have something like this in my home

Ambience: 3.5 / 5
Food: 4 / 5
Service: 2 / 5

Pricing: 3.5 / 5
Average: 3.25 / 5


Hieu (noodles) said...

yeah i've been there before, food was that nice and i think trang got the sick.

anita said...

yay for food blog!