Thursday, July 14, 2011

Betty's Bites 200th Post!

I only noticed the other day, that my next post will be #200 - WOW! I've come a long way :)

I wanted to bake something extravagant for this! Something that stands out, something I've never made before, but i also wanted to keep it simple, as that's how i like my life to be, a simple life.

The most important things in my life (in no particular order) are:

staying healthy
daily exercise
delicious food
my blogs
having 'me' time
having fun everyday!

I would like to say my life is balanced, i try my best to keep things balanced in every aspect of my life, but life doesn't always go to plan. Some times at the end of a working week i feel so tired and run down, i just want to relax all weekend- but i usually have something on, something to do, people to see, things to do, it does get abit overwhelming at times.. but that is life, you take what life throws at you, and you do whatever you can with it, and you move forward :)

I love all of my readers followers & commentators of this blog, i'm so glad that you guys come to read my posts, it means a lot to me, i love getting comments so keep them coming!

This was a breakfast i made for Big bear & Ann over a weekend not long ago. I love cooking & baking for my family & friends (the other night i baked some delicious cheesecake brownies for my friends i was going to play tennis with, so evil haha well we all burnt off the cheesecake calories im sure!)

Grilled mushrooms with pesto and crumbled fetta on top

- place a small piece of butter in the centre of the mushroom and grill for 15-20 mins until cooked and juicy (spill out any extra melted butter if you like)
- top with a spoon of pesto, sprinkle fetta on top

Watermelon salad

- chop up watermelon (as much as you like)
- chop up tomato, cucumber, avocado, kiwi (and any other vegie/fruit you want)
- add some corn (frozen or tin)
- squeeze half a lemon, sprinkle of salt, and stir through to mix everything up
- top with sprinkle of almonds

Serve with an egg (or two) however you like your egg done :D


gastronomous anonymous said...

well done bets! love the blog :)

sugarpuffi said...

wheeee!! cant wait till ur 200th post!

MissPiggy said...

Happy "almost" birthday! I just passed 100 posts - who knew I'd have SO much to say!

Natalie Leung said...

great work betty! looking foward to your awesome post :) yummy breakfast! looks delicious!!


Phillip Nom said...

Dont you dare give me delicious food when we play tennis! Game set match Betty :D

Cheers to another 200 more posts!

Mary said...

yayers!!! well done on 200!! Have thoroughly enjoyed reading through!

Daryl George said...

Wow that's good to hear! 200 posts is such an achievement, assuming you still have other things to do besides running a blog.

I'm happy I stumbled upon your blog. You have amazing posts! Keep on posting because I'll be watching :)

The InTolerant Chef said...

Congratulations! Your breakfast looks great, I love the watermelon salad, yumm

Anna @ TheLittlestAnchovy said...

Congratulations on reaching 200 posts! I hope I can get there someday. You told me about this breakfast so I am glad to see the results, looks awesome.