Saturday, January 10, 2009

Meat & WIne Co. Parramatta

Here we are again at the Meat and Wine Co. Tonight we were lazy to decide on where to go, so we decided on the Meat and Wine Co.

Tonight, we ordered no entrees & stuck to the mains. Partly because we were really friggen starvin and partly because we were lazy. I ordered the Lamb Cutlets and Ms Betty ordered the pan fried giant prawns.

The Lamb Cutlets were well presented on top of a small serving of ratatouille. This was under the "specialties" section of their menu, so I was expecting to be king of lamb cutlet mountain when this dish arrived. The Lamb arrived in good time as usual with the absolutely fan-fucking-tastic service we always get from the Meat and Wine Co. The lamb was cooked exactly the way i liked it, still slightly pink on the inside, but still nice and soft on the palate. The mint jus was a little too sweet, but in small doses, it fit the bill perfectly. The ratatouille tasted like Jessica Alba drove by my house and I had an orgasm in my mouth. It was THAT GOOD. The tomato base wasn't too strong, I could taste all the individual flavours of the vegetables in the mixture.

Betty's pan fried giant prawns weren't so giant compared to the prawns I had in Thailand. Now those were some mutated giant MOFO prawns I've ever seen. The shells of the prawns were fried enough to be eaten with the meat of the prawns, reminiscent of prawn crackers. The rice was pretty average, but the flavour of the prawns were more than enough to make up for the lack of flavour in the rice!

Again, I'd say the service was good & the food was good. I'd come back again & again!

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shirls said...

Next time you're in Parra try Port Bar on Parramatta River. Fresh made pasta (try the gnocchi and fettuccine) at reasonable prices. and there's no need to fight for parking either =)